About Us

Here at titch likes, we have set out to fill the proverbial gap in the music journalism market with an online site that aims to forget the snarky hipster-elite and inject some intelligence, vitality and humour back into writing.

You can browse through our Reviews to discover some new bands or delve into our Feature pieces and Style section for alternative content on all things musical. If you really want to be in on the tip top zeitgeist then our daily updated news section will quench your knowledge thirst, along with a refreshing sip from our extensive Playlist page that offers everything from songs to keep you going at the gym, to afternoon delights to bake a cake to.

Our theory is that music is universal, loved by one and all, from your granny to that miserable bus driver who pulls a face when you don’t have change. So why isn’t it catered for? Why aren’t we satisfied? Do we really have to read yet another piece on how Colplay are the musical equivalent of AIDS or how a band is way too underground for you to have appreciated their latest post-dubstep release?

Nah, music is not about any of that rubbish, it’s made to share, to chat about, to transport you back to a forgotten memory or mould a new one. It transcends borders and languages bringing people together to share an experience, be it a festival or a tequila-induced karaoke session. The physicality of music may have shrunk through the decades but its impact never fades.

We aim to cover every genre from hip-hop to prog-rock to acid jazz with an open mind and a sharp pencil, showcasing the best in new writers as well as the seasoned hacks. Submissions are welcomed and comments encouraged to help us expand and improve our humble little site into a buzzing hive of words and music loud enough for everyone to hear.

One comment

  1. Love your site!
    Edgy & Ballsy.
    We could use more of that in Canada

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