Venn St Records Review

Every few weeks we venture out into the big bad city and find some places that you actually think, hey I really need to go back there!

Image © Venn St Records

I know very little of Clapham, having only visited it twice with both times being to the Clapham Grand, so when off to meet a friend for a late showing of Magic Mike (you know it) I was pleasantly surprised when we found Venn Street. Host to the Clapham Picturehouse, numerous bars and restaurants and my new favourite hang out; Venn St Records.

I was taken aback by how busy the place was for 8pm on a Thursday night and after a beer or two we both decided to enjoy the atmosphere and warmish weather for the evening. Plus the bar staff were on par with Channing Tatum anyhow, so our visceral needs were swiftly fulfilled.

The first thing that really impressed me was the decor which featured stacks of vinyl behind the bar, old NME’s plastered to the walls and lovely record covers displayed throughout, culminating in a cross between High Fidelity and my ideal teenage fantasy bedroom. It’s always worth going back to a place where you can read an old Meatloaf review whilst drying your hands.

Image © Venn St Records

Image © Venn St Records

Image © Venn St Records

The layout was well thought out and the bar just big enough to get friendly with the bar tenders (again, call me) and easy to navigate through for first time customers such as myself. The place got super busy around ten pm, probably due to the ace house band Redgrave pulling out the crowd pleasing covers that went on til the small hours. Personal highlights included a tightly wound rendition of one of the best songs ever created ‘Last Nite’ by The Strokes and a transformed ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ cover. They are some seriously talented guys who managed to blend a great mix of tunes to keep the boisterous crowd going. They play there every Thursday and Sunday, so make sure you choose a night to get down and catch them or at least follow the lads on Tweet Tweet @redgraveband.

I didn’t get a chance to sample the pizza or extensive cocktail menu as I was skint and had to navigate home solo but the menu sounds frackin’ immense. I love my mojitos and after watching the guys slam a few into action, it is the first thing I am ordering when I go back next week. Other alcoholic delights can be browsed, perused and lusted after here. One thing I can say is that when I ordered a shot of Tequila to liven myself up and face an hour or two on my own there, I got a generous glug of the devils spit and a hearty high-five, making all the difference when drinking alone. People were charming and friendly, drinks were flowing and the music was truly uplifting. Thursday nights have now been transformed.

(I have to also apologise for the lack of personal photos, still rocking a polyphonic Samsung so for now had to use their own lovely photos.)

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