T.M.I Bro!

Fan interaction is a crucial part of any artists career and success and with the surge of online platforms like Facebook and Twitter enabling them to get even closer to us muggles, where do they draw the line with what they share?

Reaching out to fans and interacting with them online is great, it gives us momentary joy at being tweeted back by your favourite OFWGKTA member even if they are calling you an asshole and everyone has retweeted it. It is more the notion of being noticed and acknowledged by them, if only for ten seconds. By sharing chosen intimate photos and regaining some form of control on what they choose to share with the public, celebrities are winning back the long standing battle with the paparazzi. They’ll always be lurking behind a bin to catch those Daily Fail shots we all secretly love to pore over, but at least they can select personal pictures to put out to the world instead of the drastic red carpet to sidewalk comparisons we so often see.

Queen B of all things fierce, Miss Beyoncé Knowles, set up a personal tumblr which crashed on its launch proving the curiosity in each of us, fans or not, to see what pictures she had posted. It is a scrapbook goldmine of very personal photos including holiday snaps, shots with her sister, sweet poses with notoriously private husband Jay-Z, her Instagram pictures and even a few clips of her messing around. All carefully selected and arranged I’m sure, to really show the world she is still a normal Texan girl with a love of family and friends just like us. Its still super endearing though.

Image © Beyoncé Tumblr

Rihanna is another master of all things social, albeit sometimes a little too much. Her Instagram (@badgalriri) is a constant source of controversy for the already outspoken star who posts anything and everything from nights out with strippers to serious self-portraits that end up in fits of laughter. Instead of the expected backlash at this unedited photographic stream of consciousness, if anything it has given her mountains of publicity as well as humanizing her through that wicked streak of naughtiness we all know and secretly love.

Image © Rihanna Instagram

The Maccabees chosen medium is a very eclectic tumblr showcasing the bespoke rubber stamp prints made for each place they do a show at, adding to the already long list of various talents these guys have. Twitter allows global megastars such as ‘Mother Monster’ Lady Gaga and newly sexed-up Justin Bieber to broadcast propaganda-esque tweets to their millions of followers (or monsters) causing products to sell out, events to be mobbed and tickets to sell out very, very quickly. The Facebook route is handy for updating fans of said artists every move and every upcoming event allowing online stalking to take dizzying new heights. Some truly media-savvy teams of the bigger stars can create online competitions and unique rewards for committed fans who retweet, re-post, share, re-blog, like and generally advertise said star for free across the web all for snippets of videos or unreleased album artwork. So is it all a big scam to get the fans to do the legwork for them? Or do they actually just want us to know what they had for dinner?

Image © The Maccabees Tumblr

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