Yes Miss Bank$! Azealia and her Attitude

Image © The Hundreds

Internet sensations have been clocking up the Youtube views for a while now, and none more than Miss Azealia Banks, the sassy PYT from Harlem who has taken the world by the metaphorical balls.

She released her debut single ’212′ in December 2011 and hasn’t been out of the public eye since. She topped the NME ‘Cool List’ last year and has been a trailblazer for style, music and female rappers everywhere. She uploaded her own tracks including a cover of Interpol’s ‘Slow Hands’ to Youtube and steadily gained momentum and a following. She has featured on the Scissor Sisters ‘Shady Luv’ EP, performed at countless festivals and is one of the most wanted artists to work with in 2012.

She is a tour de force of opinions on Twitter (@AZEALIABANKS), echoing her uncensored train of thought lyrics that make her so refreshingly honest. She states how her home town of Harlem inspires her by being a thriving hub of trends, ideas and general ‘coolness’. She started out, perhaps not so cooly, at a youth theatre program for kids in NYC and then went on to study at the notoriously cut-throat La Guardia, home to fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj, where she learnt the true nature of showbiz. She turned to rapping as a creative outlet and stress-buster from all of the endless auditions. Banks says how,

“Rap is a way of saying all those things I wanna say to people without actually offending them y’know?”

She recognises the key to longevity though, yep this girl knows that to stay in the game you have to be versatile. She has written a string of R’n’B songs, spat some true Hip-Hop verse on tracks like ‘Runnin’ and can write material that connects on a larger scale, such as the hit ’212′. Her straight-up NYC attitude, colourful ‘mermaid’ weaves and penchant for designer bling lets us all know that she’s still just a wide-eyed 21 year old with buckets full of Bank$ attitude for a world outside of Harlem.

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