R’n’B Slow Jams

Fed up of the lack of real R’n’B in the world? How come they all have to collaborate with David Guetta to get into the charts right? Well, with this playlist you can transport yourself to a time where a good beat and a some smooth vocals were a winning formula for some laid back success. I always reference Aaliyah as a good starting point when it comes to slow jams, her untimely death left a legacy of delicately crafted songs that can still get to the heart of a Sunday night in with your boo. I realise the irony of writing like this as a single white female but if a genre speaks to you as nineties and early noughties R’n’B did to me then girl, it don’t matter.

1. Aaliyah- More Than A Woman

The timeless Aaliyah kicks us off with a song so sensual and tantalizing it can make anyone singing it sexier. Fact.

2. Ginuwine- In Those Jeans

Carrying on the sexed up vibe, Ginuwine lays down a slick performance on this track from 2003 that is dedicated to the power of jeans on a woman. ‘Is there any more room for me in those jeans?’, sure is Ginuwine.

3. Mario- Let Me Love You

Ahhh, sweet little Mario, where did you disappear to? This was such a huge hit and proved how loved original R’n’B tracks are across the world. A slow jams essential.

4. D’Angelo- Untitled (How Does It Feel?)

After showing the love with some adorable Mario, make a move with the delectable D’Angelo. This is a sure fire way to create some palpable tension with a track that is crystal clear on what exactly it wants to know. Hard to resist, especially with his Prince-esque riffs.

5. Usher- Twork it Out

Usher gets down and dirty with his Tworkin’ and really sets the steamer to tropical. With background sound effects of actual moans and groans, if this doesn’t make it obvious what you’re in the mood for then she’s just not that into you. Yep I used that line.

6. Robin Thicke- Lost Without You

Robin’s silky smooth words can entice the best of us into bed, so let him help you keep the mood sexy and not sleepy.

7. Tweet ft. Missy Elliot- Oops Oh My

Tweet brings a sexy slice of the action with a seductive striptease and some sick hooks. The video is just as hot as the track and Missy brings a swipe of ‘hell yes I look amazing’ to it.

8. Sade- No Ordinary Love

The queen of sophisticated sexiness, you have to have a slice of Sade on a Slow Jams mix, if only to woo your prospective partner with some class. Feel the elegance drift in with the guitar solos and velvety texture of her wonderful voice.

9. Brian McKnight- Back At One

End this night of bliss with a track that says what you possibly can’t (You’re probably knackered from all that slow jamming anyway).

10. R Kelly- Bump’n’Grind

I had to put it in! The ultimate in slow jams, his mind is telling him no, but his body, his body is telling him yes! (No wonder he got charged with so many sexually related crimes)

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