Mission To Lars

In cinemas in June, Mission to Lars is an independent film by the journalist Kate Spicer and her filmmaker brother Will. They follow their brother Tom, who has the rare Fragile X Syndrome, on his mission to meet his ultimate hero- Lars Ulrich, the drummer of the biggest metal band in the world; Metallica.

 ‘Everyone deserves one adventure in their life‘ is the sweetly heroic tagline of Mission To Lars which had its premiere last night at Hackney Picturehouse. It is released nationwide in June, set to be a tale of great courage and adversity with a bit of heavy metal thrown into the mix; sounds perfic’.

Kate Spicer has always been a journalist I have admired from afar, he acerbic style and dry humour assures me that you don’t have to lose any of your sharp edge as a woman in a predominantly male job. This film however, has wrenched open a private aspect of Kate’s life and her truthful admittance to partially neglecting her brother in favour of living her own life holds a reluctant mirror up to your own capability in such scenarios.

Below is the official trailer and synopsis of the film.

Lars Ulrich is a heavy metal God with his own jumbo jet. Tom Spicer lives in a care home in Devon and has Fragile X Syndrome. Tom has a dream, to meet his hero, to meet Lars. His siblings promise to make it happen, with hopes of good times and bonding. But what starts out a dream soon becomes a nightmare as Tom’s disabilities, a dysfunctional family, and heavy metal’s labyrinthine backstage world thwart the mission at every turn. But as they get closer to Lars, Tom the man starts to shine.”

I cannot wait to watch the film, Spicer has tweeted about it endlessly and the few that have been lucky enough to see it already have been nothing but delighted by it. I am intrigued and excited to see a documentary unfold on such a tender yet fun subject. Perhaps it was this sentiment that reminded me of our own ethos here at titchlikes, that fine balance of emotion and humour. I can only imagine it will prove to be a riveting insight on how music has been his passion and saviour and the lengths that people go to to meet their idol. Good Luck, Tom!

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