Trembling Hands

Temper Trap are one of my favourite bands. That is a bold statement but one I will stand by. Their first album is an absolute corker, each and every song is a genuine pleasure to listen to and as lame as it sounds, will stir the soul of even the hardened gits out there. It is an extremely personal album to me, a strangely bittersweet mix of emotions come to mind when I listen to any of the tracks. The album was playing on loop when I finished with my first real love and was consequently the first gig and first realisation of my next big love.

This is a fresh new sound from the band with Dougy using more of his vocal range and a whole new sound approach with more synth and production in general. I am desperate to see them again, perhaps this time on my own, and really see what they manage to conjure out of a battered heart this time round.

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