Ren Harvieu and Jodie Marie- Not Just Pretty Names

Women are clearly slamming the charts right now from the multi-platinum, every award-winning Adele to the electronic-supersonic little bit freaky Grimes. These two laydeeeeeees are bringing it back down to reality, in the best possible sense, with they’re soaring vocals and lyrics that ring true, but not so dramatically that you end up sobbing along to them on karaoke night. What I’m trying to (badly) say is that they bring a sense of power back to their story and convey it brilliantly without becoming bra-burning chanteuses.

I have listened to this track 4 times in the last hour… no, I’m not slow to press the replay button, I just keep going back to it, much akin to an old man and his corner in his local. It’s a powerful vocal without running the usual trills or ‘Aguilering’ as I prefer to call it. Jodie Marie doesn’t have a contemporary comparison and rightly so.

After having a horrific set-back in the form of her mate accidentally jumping on her back and breaking her vertebrae, poor wee Ren Harvieu had her metaphorical cannon into stardom backfire at first. Having been told she could never walk again, she is thankfully back on her feet and ready to kohl-up her listeners with her rich and vibrant songs. Nas is desperate to collaborate with her, she has toured with Glasvegas and was lined up for Glastonbury and this song ‘Through The Night’ is a clear indication as to why. Gorgeous.

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