∆ Alt-J ∆

Twitter introduced me to this band; this odd computer command kept cropping up

Alt-J ∆ Alt-J ∆ Alt-J ∆ Alt-J ∆ Alt-J ∆ Alt-J ∆

Like some silent, incessant online chant to discover these guys the almighty tweet tweet led me to a band that I have fallen for at first listen. I am the geeky loner sitting across from them in the canteen and they are the arty-yet-popular collective that have great teeth and can sing. I vaguely just about remember catching them on BBC introducing some time last year and thinking that The Maccabees had taken on a new  sub-band with cooler riffs and visuals. They take musical influence from Radiohead to Skrillex all the way back to Laura Marling, which is apparent in their piercing lyrics and hint of electronic dabbling. Here are a few of their current gems… get them in your life, I promise you will not be disappointed.

The almighty, stompin’ Fitzpleasure.

This one is having a lot of airplay and rightly so, very Bombay Bicycle Club with a bigger kick.

‘This is for Matilda’…. *changes name in deed poll*

If you have a gander on Soundcloud the band have set up a link to remix their ‘Breezeblocks’ track with some interesting results! Visit http://www.altjband.com

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