Santigold and her not so Disparate Youth

Yeahhhhhh, been around for well over two months but how I did not manage to write about this I do not possibly know! Everyone likes a splash of Santigold (or Santogold before the whole copyright drama) in their iPod, randomly popping up and giving you a slight feeling of what the youtttt of today call ‘swag’ even if you are on the 272 to Shepherd’s Bush (SheBu whut) taking back your H&M dress to be able to buy cereal.

She is, of course, gorgeous and seems to have the best sunglasses collection ever, only adding to her ice-cold cool factor of the many female singers out there. If you are unaware of this lovley lady then this will jog your memory for sure-

Her new one though is a swirling dreamy tumble through the effortlessly ambient mind of Santigold with short burst of guitar riffs toughening up the overall texture and demeanour of the track. Her style and voice is as clear as ever and her drawl and classic Santigold-slur is perfectly matched with the rising strings and synths. The sudden drop towards the end where more of a solid beat kicks in with a few kids singing along really echoes the freedom attached with the track. I can imagine it being a right kick up the metaphorical arse when running that last half a mile or a great accompaniment to a far flung holiday, much like the one in the video.

Basically I want to see her live and also be her mate and go to weird tribal Lost-style islands wearing Alexander Wang and a nose ring. Check out her new album artwork below, photographed by Jason Schmidt.

Her album Master of My Make Believe is out on 23rd April.

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