Forgive Her For What She Has Done (Tulisa That Is)

Da Female Boss is back *insert weird female symbol thingy*

At first listen to Tulisa’s first solo offering post-N-Dubz, the rather shite autotune vocally pushes her into Alesha Dixon’s scratchy, strained sound that I have grown to hate so fondly. After a few listens though it’s easy to imagine yourself bopping along to it pissed in a field or a dark, dank nightclub. Yes, it would be better if you were also in Miami, just like T, frolicking with mates in posh hotels, graffiting artwork and the classic top scorer on the fun scale; having a pillow fight so outrageously great all the feathers burst out, covering the room.

Either way it’s a fun, breezy, simple A to B track for a girly getting ready session or a spice boys ‘ultimate fresh new tune’ for his Astra this summer. It’s a case of the drunker you are the better it seems. Much like cheesy chips at 3.32am and applying bronzer in a dark nightclub.

The incessant ‘Forgive me for what I have done’ grates after a while and is kinda awkward in light of her recent sexcapades and THAT tape (Catch her reaction here).

‘Young’ has the essential ingredients for a modern-day chart topper; the plinky plonky synthetic studio affects, the rising pace, frenetic synth and audi echoes. It just lacks something to really pull Tulisa to the forefront of female singers that are flooding the airwaves at the moment. Yes she is an X Factor judge, a bonified N-Dublet and has her own potent scent, but much like the naff Barry M lipgloss product placement, it lacks class and style.

I respect Tulisa, purely from all the pure rubbish she has endured through her life and  her miraculous turn around, but a little time and less badly applied metaphorical bronzer, the better.

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