Expanding on Covers- Born to Die

Carrying on from a recent brief mention of covers, I have trawled through a numerous amount of covers of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born To Die’, to not only test the theory that covers can sometimes surprisingly out-do the original, but to hear other people’s interpretation of this hauntingly dark song and see how their own vocal range copes with the extremely low verses and ecstacy-high ‘come take a walk on the wild side’ sections.

Either way, a cover brings new life into a track and even if you are a die-hard fan of Lana’s original, there are a selection here that a well worth a listen, especially Eli Lieb’s which starts off slightly American Idol but builds beautifully with a real rock knife edge to it.

Ivy and Gold’s cover offers a slightly folksy acoustic version with a bit more zest and life than Lana’s. Almost makes it sound cheery and upbeat!

Allie McDonald, the little cutie that she is, offers up a version with delicate vocals to match the timid sound of her ukelele.

Then the truly horrific

And of course, here is Lana doing it LIVE BABY. Nice and deep now Lana.

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