Benji You’re A Star

Catching up on all of the Radio 1 Live Lounge sessions and covers unearths new light on previously quite average bands and singers, from the rawness of the live acoustic versions of their own songs or brilliantly clever covers they perform with good ol’ Fearne ‘Mother-frikkers’ Cotton. This is a cracker; BFL covering David Guetta (or more realistically Sia) ‘Titanium’.

I will be posting a more lengthy feature on my love and fascination with great covers, but for now it’s all about BFL. No, not a mega warehouse offering cut-price furniture but a young lad, Benjamin Francis Leftwich who has been traversing the clubs and pubs for a long time, dusting a trail with his soft vocals and simplistic lyrics.

Through the almighty power of the great Interweb, he has garnered huge success and following on all levels of social media, with mediums that we all know and love such as YouTube, Soundcloud and MySpace highlighting his talent and creating a buzz around this young guy.

He is incredibly headlining most of his US tour dates including a gig at the ever-evolving Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York, which showcase the best of the best new blood and now also partners record labels Partisan and Knitting Factory Records.

His album, ‘Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm’, is out now which includes his recently released single ‘Pictures’ which has been used all over the place on tv programmes and adverts galore.

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