Madge’s Superbowl Mash-up

So apparently there was a sports game on at the same time as Madonna’s show last night. Fan or not, she ‘put it dowwwwwn’ as Ms. Rowland would say. Her mash-up of a tiny cross-section of her any hits included an egyptian themed Vogue, a bleachers gymnastics rendition of Music mixed into a shuffle-tastic LMFAO set, followed by her new track featuring guest raps from Nicki Minaj and a sombre M.I.A. She ended on a high dueting with Cee-Lo Green on the timeless Like A Prayer to a cheering stadium.

The outfits were insane, her dancing was a big eff you to all the critics moaning she was too old to pull it off and the guest singers only highlighted how far they had to go to achieve true icon status.

She premiered her new song “Give Me All Your Luvin'” in a cheerleader themed routine with a bizarre as ever Minaj rap and a literal middle finger from M.I.A who looked like she’d lost a tenner and found a fiver. Weird to see her miming and doing choreography dressed as one of Madonna’s bitches. I did love her jumping onto one half of LMFAO shoulders- he must have thought, ‘Holy shit Madonna’s vajay is touching my neck!’ Well thats what I would’ve been thinking.

I quite liked her new track, was fun and frothy, but not a classic Madge tune. The cheerleader chant ordering you to L U V Madonna did eventually get on my tits. I really wish she had done a few more oldies, but there was some sort of game to get back to. Props to Cee-Lo too, he normally creeps me out majorly but he managed to hold his own vocally next to her (not that hard) but also in presence and attitude.

Lets face it, no matter what she sang or did there will be people ready to slam her but she absolutely killed it. Yeah she lip-synched but I so preferred it to last years shit fest that was the Black Eyed Peas, who did sing live *cough autotune* but looked and sounded like they were be electrocuted by the nipples. Plus is a dickhead.

Long rule Queen MDNA

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